Uro Oncology - Treatment In India

Uro-oncology is a subdivision of urology that treats cancers or tumors of the urinary system. Some cancers under uro-oncology include kidney cancer, bladder cancer, adrenal cancer, testicular cancer, pelvis cancer, prostate cancer, and penile cancer.

Signs and Symptoms of Urological Cancers

Mostly, there are no evident symptoms of uro cancer. Most patients notice symptoms only when the cancer has progressed. Symptoms vary depending on severity and type of cancer. For example:

  • Blood in the urine devoid of pain is a sign of kidney, bladder, and prostate cancer—at later stages, back and pelvic pain can also build up.
  • Patients with prostate cancer might also have other changes in sexual function and urination.
  • Those with penile or testicular cancer might notice a lesion on the skin, together with other skin changes.
  • Any cancer patient can experience weight loss and exhaustion.

Usually, doctors detect cancer during a routine physical exam of the genitals or abdomen.

Medical Test Conducted Before Uro-oncology Treatment in India

Uro-onco surgeons in India recommend some of the following tests:

  1. Ureteroscopy or cystoscopy, using a tool with a minute light or camera to check the kidney, bladder, and ureter for tumors.
  2. Lab tests to check changes in the blood that can be symptoms of cancer.
  3. Imaging studies (X-ray, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, or angiogram) to check for anomalous tissue anywhere along the urinary tract.
  4. Biopsy to get a sample of anomalous tissue and examine it for cancer cells.

Technology Used for Uro Oncology Treatment in India

Robotic surgery was initially developed to overcome issues faced during traditional laparoscopic surgeries and to perform telesurgery at distant locations. It has now recognized as the embodiment of minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Robotic surgery is the future of surgical procedures. It has re-described the management of uro oncological diseases.

Why Choose Max Hospital for Uro-oncology Treatment in India?

Max Hospital, India, is one of the best hospitals for uro-oncology treatment in India.

  • Uro onco surgeons at Max Hospital, India, are skilled in treating urinary tract diseases by different treatment modules designed to address the illness while leaving healthy tissue.
  • Max Hospital, India, has the best uro oncologists in Indiawho are well-known for their expertise in treating cancers. They adopt advanced surgical processes such as ablative techniques, surgery for early-stage disease & advanced cases, consolidative & salvage surgery, and post-chemotherapy surgery. The robot-assisted surgical approaches are used for urologic cancers through the comprehensive program.
  • The oncologists work closely with the care team to customize treatments according to specific cancers
  • The specialists are qualified in minimally invasive surgery and offer the most recent treatment and surgical technology options.

The multidisciplinary staff at the uro-oncology department provides high-quality care to its patients.

Cost for Uro-Oncology Treatment in India

The uro-oncology treatment in India is cost-effective and transparent. By choosing Max Hospital, India, for treatment, patients get access to expert surgeons and cutting-edge technologies. They also receive comprehensive support, like visa and travel arrangements, interpreter facilities, and stay and food arrangements.

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