Radiotherapy Treatment in India

Radiation therapy is a kind of cancer treatment that uses rays of intense energy to destroy cancer cells, Radiation therapy frequently uses X-rays, but protons or other types of energy also can be utilized. The phrase "radiation therapy" refers to external beam radiation therapy. Radiation therapy harms cells by destroying the genetic material that controls how cells develop and split. While cancerous and healthy cells are spoiled by radiation therapy, the objective of radiation therapy is to annihilate as little normal, healthy cells as feasible,  When do doctors recommend this? Most individuals with cancer get radiation therapy as part of their cancer treatment. Doctors utilize radiation therapy to treat just about every kind of cancer. Radiation therapy helps cure certain benign tumors.  The doctors at Max Hospital, India may recommend radiation therapy as an option at various times during the cancer treatment and for diverse reasons, including: 

  1. As the primary treatment for cancer
  2.  In advanced cancer to ease symptoms caused by the cancer
  3. After the surgical procedure, to stop the growth of any residual cancer cells
  4. Before surgery, to reduce a cancerous tumor
  5. In blend with other treatments, such as chemotherapy, to destroy cancer cells

Medical Test Diagnosis

Before going through radiation therapy, the doctor guides you through a planning process to make sure that radiation reaches the exact spot in the body where it is needed. Planning usually includes: 
  1. Radiation simulation: During the simulation, the radiation therapy team will try to discover an at ease position for you during the treatment. While you stretch out on the table, cushions and restraints are used to place you correctly & assist you to hold still. The radiation therapy team will identify the area of your body that will get the radiation.
  2. Planning scans: The radiation therapy team would take you through a CT scan or computerized tomography scan to find about the body parts that need to be cured.

Preparations and Post-Surgery Recovery

The radiation therapy team determines the kind of radiation and the dose you need based on your general health, your type and stage of cancer, and the goals for your treatment. The specific dose and focus of radiation beams used in your treatment are planned carefully to maximize the radiation on your cancer cells and reduce the damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. You usually get radiation on an outpatient basis, five days a week, over a specific time. Most of the time, treatments are typically spread out over many weeks to enable your healthy cells to recuperate in between radiation therapy sessions. Anticipate each treatment sitting to last for approximately ten minutes to half an hour. In some instances, a solo treatment can be used to assist in alleviating pain or other symptoms linked with advanced cancers.

Technology and Approach for Treatment

The linear accelerator machine rotates around the patient's body to reach the target from different directions. The machine makes a buzzing sound. The patient needs to lie still and breathe normally throughout the treatment. For patients with breast or lung cancer, they are asked to hold their breath even as the machine offers the treatment. 

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