Disease-Specific Tumor Boards In India

The world is advancing not just in technology and innovation, but with diseases as well. There are new types of diseases, especially cancers erupting every single day, thanks to the lifestyle. To manage new types of cancers effectively and to center the disease management protocol around the specific needs of the patient's tumor, Max hospital, India holds tumor boards.  The tumor boards are cancer conferences with a multi-disciplinary approach. The tumor boards render excellent patient care review and assure the quality of care based on the diagnosis of the patient. The board shares expert clinical knowledge and treatment recommendations and takes decisions to heal the patient completely and at the earliest. The disease-specific tumor boards focus on specific types of cancers, such as lung cancer, prostate cancer, cancers of the head and neck, breast cancer, etc., and also on their best treatment options. Members of the disease-specific tumor boards:  The Tumor board primarily consists of doctors and specialists from diverse backgrounds to have valuable input from the different disciplines. The panel of experts in this group includes, 

  1.  Medical oncologists 
  2.  Pathologists 
  3.  Radiation oncologists 
Experts from the genetics team . Nurses and social workers 

Discussion of Symptoms

The tumor board consists of a panel of specialized doctors and health care providers. These specialists frequently gather to discuss cancer cases that are unusual and are also challenging.  The goal of these tumor-specific boards is to discuss the disease pathology, symptoms, and possible treatment plan of a particular type of cancer. The case under review can be that of a single patient or a group of patients with a similar diagnosis. The case could also be presented before the panel if the current treatment plan doesn't work as intended. 

Discussion on Diagnosis and Medical Tests 

The Disease-specific tumor boards consist of an expert from the diverse medical backgrounds who share the different aspects of diagnosing a particular type of cancer and isolating them“ from the rest of the types. Such differential diagnosis helps in targeting specific cancer with specific treatment approaches. Discussing a case before a panel of experts ensures individual patients with optimal treatment plans. 

Discussion on Treatment Regimen

There is no single fixed rule when it comes to cancer treatments. It involves input from multiple specialists such as surgical and medical oncologists, molecular oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, Onco-psychologists, palliative oncologists, rehabilitation specialists, etc. The best cancer outcome is attained when a collective decision is taken from all the specialists. For instance, while the surgical oncologists, plans for the surgical removal of the tumor, the medical and radiation oncologists can support by treating the tumor with chemotherapy and radiation therapy in advance, so as to make the surgery easy and to attain a better cure rate. The ultimate aim of these tumor boards is to enhance the survival rate of cancer patients.  Apart from discussing the cancer case among a panel of experts to achieve a better treatment regimen, the disease-specific tumor boards at Max Hospital, India, also serve as an excellent platform for sharing the best academic knowledge and updates in different fields on medicine and oncology.

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