Disc Replacement Surgery in India

What is Disc Replacement Surgery ?

Low back or neck pain can be uncomfortable and require immediate medical attention. In most cases, medication and other treatments can address the problem. But if conservative treatments are not effective, the doctor will suggest undergoing disc replacement surgery. This type of surgery involves removing the damaged disc joint and inserting an artificial one in its place. In India, disc replacement surgery is performed at reputed hospitals. Max India Hospital is one of the best hospitals in India. Max Hospital India comprises a superior medical infrastructure, advanced technologies, and a team of well-qualified doctors who can perform disc replacement surgery in India.

Preparations for Disc Replacement Surgery In India

Disc Replacement Surgery, you need to make some preparations. Your doctor will advise you about what needs to be done.
  1. You will have to undergo some tests to determine whether you are fit for disc replacement surgery. These include blood tests, X-rays, CT, or MRI scans.
  2. Smokers will be advised to abstain from smoking as it can cause complications during the surgery.
  3. Talk to your doctor about the medications you are taking. If you are on anti-inflammatory medications, you would be asked to stop them.
  4. Avoid food or drink for at least a few hours before the surgery.
  5. Have a healthy diet.
  6. Following the surgery, you will require someone to look after you. So, talk to a family member or arrange for a caregiver well in advance.

Why is Disc Replacement Surgery Performed?

The doctor will suggest a disc replacement surgery only when other non-operative procedures cannot rectify the problem. Some reasons for disc replacement surgery include:
  1. The patient has no previous history of spinal surgery
  2. No significant joint disease
  3. Do not have spinal deformity like scoliosis, etc.
  4. The patient is not overweight
  5. The pain is in one or two discs in the spine
  6. There is no significant nerve compression

Types of Disc Replacement Surgery in India

There are four types of discs - composite, hydraulic, elastic, and mechanical discs.
  1. Composite discs are made up of many pieces. A polyethylene spacer will be placed between two endplates made of metal in these discs. These discs are very effective in lessening friction and wear and tear.
  2. The Hydraulic disc comprises a dehydrated core. This core is inserted in a compressed state. As a result, these discs are very efficient in providing mobility between the vertebral bones.
  3. An Elastic disc is constructed of two materials and is quite similar to a composite disc. However, the difference lies in the material sandwiched between the two plates. In the composite disc, this material is made of plastic, while the elastic disc has a polycarbonate urethane core between the plates.
  4. Mechanical discs have two articulating pieces. These are either made of metal or composite metal and ceramic.

Procedure of Disc Replacement Surgery In India

  1. Before the surgery, general anesthesia is administered so that the patient feels no discomfort during the procedure.
  2. Once the patient has entered a deep sleep state, the doctor will make an incision in the abdomen. The incision will enable the medical team to access the spine.
  3. The medical team will remove the damaged disc and insert an artificial one in its place. Following the placement of blood vessels and organs in their proper place, the incision will be sealed.
  4. The patient will be moved to the room and kept under operation for a few days after the surgery.

Complications of Disc Replacement Surgery

Disc replacement surgery is an effective treatment and enables the patient to lead a normal life. But there are certain complications associated with the procedure. Some of these are enumerated below.
  1. The artificial disc may dislocate.
  2. The artificial disc or the area near it may get infected.
  3. The disc may break.
  4. The implant may become loose.
  5. The spine may become stiff.
  6. Blood clots may appear in the legs.

Why Choose Max Hospital for Disc Replacement Surgery in India?

If you plan to undergo artificial disc replacement in India, consider Max Hospital India. It is one of India’s most reputed hospitals and offers high-quality treatment and care.
  1. The doctors are experienced and have international expertise.
  2. Max Hospital India has state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and uses the latest technology in treatments.
  3. Max Hospital India guides in getting visa extensions and invitation letters.
  4. A pick and drop facility is provided from the airport/hotel to the hospital.
  5. Attendants accompanying patients will be provided assistance in arranging accommodation near the hospital.
  6. Dedicated assistants will be available for patient support before, during and post-treatment.

Disc Replacement Surgery Cost in India

The disc replacement surgery cost in India is different in every hospital and city. Compared to Western nations, the disc surgery cost is much less in India. Max Hospital India assures you of the best treatment at affordable rates. To get an exact figure, contact Max Hospital India.

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Disc Replacement Surgery FAQs

What is the recovery process post disc repayment surgery in India?

It takes between three and five weeks to fully recover from disc replacement surgery. However, the recovery time may vary for each patient.

Should you go for disc replacement surgery in India?

If you have a damaged disc and it is causing discomfort, you should opt for disc replacement surgery. But the doctor will first recommend conservative treatment options. If those are not effective, you will have to undergo disc replacement surgery.

How long does a disc replacement surgery take?

An artificial disc replacement surgery takes around two to three hours. But the time may vary according to the condition of the patient.

How successful is disc replacement?

Disc replacement has a high success rate. According to studies, the success rate for disc replacement surgery for the cervical or lumbar spine is more than 90 per cent. This is much more than the success rate of spinal fusion surgery, which is between 70 and 90 per cent. Contact Max Hospital India to get an accurate figure of lumbar or cervical disc replacement surgery cost in India.

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