Reconstructive Surgery done at max hospital India
Reconstructive Surgery done at max hospital India

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Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery

Aesthetic surgeries are performed to reshape normal structures of the body. Reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital disabilities, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors, or disease. At Max Hospital, India we practice an inbuilt element of functional correction to improve one's appearance. Our state-of-the-art technologies like Vaser Liposuction for body contouring, Ultrapulse Fractional Laser for facial contouring, make us one of the leading centres of excellence in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Types of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeries

Max Hospitals, India have the expertise for various types of Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgeries and have helped improve the lives of their patients. Some of the surgeries performed by Max Hospitals, India are
  1. Breast Enlargement Surgery – in this kind of surgery, breast implants are inserted within the patient's breast tissue to improve the size and shape of the breast of the patient. There are various kinds of implants that are used in such surgeries like silicone, saline, and alternative compositions implants.
  2. Breast Reduction Surgery – this type of surgery is also known as reduction mammaplasty, which involves the removal of extra skin, fat, and tissues from the breasts. Increased breast size can cause various problems like that of restricted physical activity, sleeplessness, chronic shoulder, back and neck pain, irritation under breasts, and poor self-esteem.
  3. Eyelid Lift Surgery – this is a type of reconstructive surgery that is also known as Blepharoplasty that is performed to improve the appearance and shape of the eyelids. This surgery is specifically performed on the upper and lower eyelids or, in some cases, both to correct disfiguration and sometimes even to improve the aesthetic appearance of the eye of the patients.
  4. Thigh Lift Surgery – also known as Thighplasty, is done to remove excess skin and fat from the patient thigh area to give it a better aesthetic look while providing smoother skin and well-proportioned contours to the legs.
  5. Hair Restoration Surgery - also known as hair transplant surgery, which involves the restoration of hair in the patient's balding area. This surgery is performed by expert surgeons in Max Hospitals, who take healthy hair follicles from another area of the body and transfer them to the the patient's balding area.
  6. Facial Implants Surgery – this surgery involves a highly advanced surgical method to reconstruct, rejuvenate or augment the facial structure of the patient to improve their aesthetics for a better appearance or restore and reshape the face back to normal in cases of accident or trauma.
  7. Lip Augmentation – this surgery is done to improve the aesthetics and for better physical appearance of the patients. In this case, surgeons use minimally invasive surgical techniques to enhance the aesthetics of the patient's lip. This surgery is helpful for patients with thin lips.
  8. Brow Lift and Forehead Lift Surgery – this type of surgery is done on the patient's forehead or eyebrows purely for aesthetically improving their physical appearance and gives them a more youthful look. It helps in the removal of excess skin and fats from the eyebrows, forehead, and furrows between eyebrows and across the top of the nose.
  9. Breast Lift Surgery – or also known as Mastopexy, helps in enhancing the shape and appearance of breasts of patients aesthetically due to reasons like age, pregnancy genetics, lifestyle, or variation in weight. This surgery gives a more youthful and attractive appearance and uplifts a patient's confidence.
  10. Breast Reconstruction - In this type of surgery, the shape and volume of the breast are restored using either your own tissue or breast implants. This way leads to a more firmer & natural breast shape.
There are some other surgeries that are needed because of war or accident. Max Hospital, India has treated patients from war-stricken countries who may have had some deformity, and those parts were reconstructed.


Most of the diagnosis of such surgeries is personal and done for the sole reason of improving one's physical appearance aesthetically to instill self-confidence within the patients. The surgeons run some standard medical tests before performing Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery like:
  1. Patient medical history.
  2. MRI and use of advanced imaging devices for taking accurate measurements of the body parts.

Hear the expert talk

Hear the expert talk

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