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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer affecting women all over the world. But over the years, continued support and research has helped in advancing and diagnosis & treatment of breast cancer. At Max Hospitals, the team of experts including Surgical and Medical Oncologists specialises in treating breast cancer through Breast-conserving surgery with oncoplasty and whole breast reconstruction. Our comprehensive breast cancer treatments also include Chemotherapy, targeted & Immunotherapy and radiation oncology (DIBH & APBI).

Thoracic Cancer

Max Hospitals, we have the best oncologists in India who specialises in treating various kinds of Thoracic Cancers including lung cancers, esophageal cancers, mesotheliomas, chest wall tumors and mediastinal tumors and pulmonary and pleural metastases. The.state of the art surgical interventions include laparoscopic cancer surgeries , robotic cancer surgeries and Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy & Immunotherapy.

Head & Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer comprises of a wide range of tumors that can develop in several areas of the head and neck including the mouth, throat, larynx (voice box), nose, sinuses, thyroid and salivary glands. At Max Hospitals, our team includes head and neck surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, Maxillofacial surgeon, radiologists, pathologists, speech and swallowing therapists, nuclear medicine and nutritionist. Generally, the major treatment options are surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy.

Haematology Cancer

At Max Hospitals, our highly specialized team comprising of Haemato-oncologists & radiation oncologists provide state-of-the-art treatment for a variety of cancers like lymphomas, leukemia and multiple myelomas. The comprehensive treatment plan includes chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Gynecologic and Urologic Cancer

Gynaecologic & Urologic cancers include ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and vulvar cancer. This has the potential to affect reproduction system of women & human excretory system like kidneys, urinary bladder, etc. At Max Hospitals, the state of the art Gynaecologic & Urologic Oncology consist of Disease Management Group (DMG) which consist of surgical gynaecologic oncologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists.

Gastrointestinal Cancer

MAX hospitals provide cancer treatment for all gastrointestinal organs like liver, small intestine, esophagus, stomach, pancreases and many more. Our comprehensive Gastrointestinal Oncology treatment includes pre-operative counselling, cancer surgeries especially scar less laparoscopic and robotic cancer surgeries advanced Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted Therapy, radiotherapy, rehabilitation & palliative, and supportive care.

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Assured guidance in arranging Visa extension and invitation letter. Complimentary pick & drop facility from airport/hotel to the hospital.

Single Point of Contact

Dedicated assistant for patient's support before, during and post-treatment

Interpreter Facility

Free provision of interpreters familiar with medical terminologies and patient's needs.

Stay & Food Arrangement

Assitance in arranging accommodation for patient’s attendants near the hospital. Sumptuous spread of local cuisines with a religious touch.

Assured follow up

Post-discharge 24/7 on-call assistance


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Unable to walk without pain, Sabhia had almost given up until she met Dr Anil Arora of Max Hospital.

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Aprox. 2.5L patients treated across globe

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