Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

The knee is the largest joint in the human body and connects the thigh and the leg. Besides enabling mobility, the knee also performs many other functions like providing stability, aiding in lowering or raising the body, propelling the body forward, etc.

If the knee gets damaged or diseased, it can cause discomfort and make it difficult for the person to perform everyday functions. The doctor will remove the damaged portions of the knee and replace them with an artificial part made of metal or plastic to rectify the problem.

Knee replacement is an effective treatment. It will help relieve the pain and improve mobility.

The knee replacement cost in India is around 6440 USD To 8440 USD and is much less than in Western nations. However, the actual cost of the treatment may depend upon several factors.

Factors Affecting Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India ?

Some factors that may affect the cost of knee replacement surgery cost in India include:

  1. The Hospitals’ reputation: The surgery cost will be higher in reputed hospitals because they comprise a high-quality medical infrastructure and apply the latest technologies in surgery. These hospitals employ the best surgeons who have received medical degrees from the finest medical colleges in India and abroad. Getting treated at a well-known hospital like Max Hospital India will assure you of the best care and a successful transplant.
  2. Lab and examination tests:To assess the patient’s condition, the surgeon might recommend certain tests like ECG, X-rays, etc.
  3. Type of surgery: There are various types of knee surgeries, and each surgery’s cost is different.
  4. Other costs:Type of room, patient’s age, post-surgical complications, doctor’s fee, admission fee, and patient’s medical condition are other factors affecting the price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected knee replacement surgery cost in India?

Several factors like the hospital, city, medical infrastructure, type of treatment, etc., determine the actual cost of the treatment. Nevertheless, the expected knee replacement surgery cost in India is around 6440 USD.

Why is knee replacement surgery cost-effective in India?

The Indian medical sector is very vast, and each hospital is willing to provide good treatment at competitive rates. The lodging, food, hospital, and other expenses are very affordable. Compared to the US and many Western countries, treatment and related expenses are within the budget of many overseas patients. This makes India a preferred choice for foreigners.

How much will a single knee replacement cost me?

A single knee replacement surgery will estimated cost between USD 6440 and USD 7550.

How much does a partial knee replacement cost in India?

The approximate cost of partial knee replacement surgery is aound USD 6440

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